The Schatz approach to delivering a successful campaign is to leverage our project management experience, the talents of our visual impressionists and the success of our previous communication and marketing efforts with federal agencies.


The Mobility Forum

Defense Acquisition University

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Cover of the Army Strategy for the Environment 2025 published for the U.S. Army; it contains the U.S. Army logo, negative space, a picture of a silhouetted, helmeted soldier looking through binoculars, and one of buffalo in a field.
Citizen-Soldier Magazine cover; five soldiers wearing camouflage fatigues and helmets with sunglasses are sitting down outside.
Someone standing on a mountain’s edge looks up at the end of a dotted line added to a photo with the text “Evaluate your plan. It takes an effective strategy to accomplish the mission.”
Growing Up Drug Free/A Parent’s Guide to Prevention poster with pictures of six children; one is so young it is being held up by an adult.
A creative deliverable published for the Guard Your Health website with a modern black and white close photo of a person’s face and text.
A football team carries a player holding a trophy in the air.
A logo reads “Progress Through Partnership Palau and the United States,” centered in a photo of a green shore with small structures on the lush ground and small islands in a large body of water.
Cover of the Agency Financial Report published for the U.S. Department of Agriculture; an image of a spouting green bud.
Cover of an Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge brochure published for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; a dark bird with whips of white.