The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) primary mission is to prevent commercial motor vehicle-related fatalities and injuries. Activities of the Administration contribute to ensuring safety in motor carrier operations.


  1. Outreach and education support for FMCSA initiatives.
  2. Highly visible campaigns requiring extensive follow through and relationship building.
  3. Customized materials for each campaign.


Schatz coordinated the Rusty Wallace Be Ready. Be Buckled. radio and video public service announcement distribution, delivered to 3,500 radio and 500 cable outlets. The audio and video versions received 46,131 plays for a value of $1,256,765 in earned media airtime. Schatz also generated PSA placement in five different editions of The Driver Audio Magazine, plus airtime on Land Line Now and the Midnight Trucking Radio Network. Additionally, Schatz’s article detailing the PSA appeared in CareersInGear, and Pilot Travel Center’s Challenge Magazine created an expanded four page article about the safety campaign.


Since the release of the Rusty Wallace Be Ready. Be Buckled. PSA, many companies requested copies as training for their fleet drivers, including the New York Times fleet, UPS (Hagerstown, MD), General Mills, and J.B. Hunt. The customer has praised the highly successful national outreach campaign based on predominately earned media.

Collage of creative deliverables for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with multiple pictures of trucks and cars on the road. Creative deliverable with text, a photo of students, and an illustration of a bus. Collage of creative deliverables designed for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with extensive text and four photos of semi-trucks; two are overturned.

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